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FAQ Library published on June 12, 2018
Dr. Kumar reviews what the 2018 approval of daratumumab in combination with the VMP regimen in certain newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients means for ongoing developments in four-drug regimens.
FAQ Library published on June 4, 2018
Dr. McCarthy explains the specific risks that patients with smoldering myeloma face, and what you need to look for in follow-up monitoring.
FAQ Library published on April 18, 2018
Dr. Raje explains potential toxicities associated with the BCMA-directed CAR T-cell approach vs. transplant in multiple myeloma, highlighting the bb2121 clinical trial.
FAQ Library published on March 28, 2018
Dr. Cohen explains the impact of cytokine release syndrome and neurotoxicity when using BCMA-directed CAR-T cells.
FAQ Library published on February 23, 2018
Dr. Richardson briefly describes how the CD38-targeted monoclonal antibody isatuximab, if approved, may impact treatment selection for patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.
FAQ Library published on January 24, 2018
Dr. Lonial provides a concise summary of clinical trials and forthcoming data in 2018 that have the potential to change the way we treat multiple myeloma.
FAQ Library published on January 17, 2018
Dr. Cohen describes what to expect in 2018 in the area of CAR T cell therapy, one of the most exciting new modalities for the treatment of multiple myeloma.
FAQ Library published on January 12, 2018
Dr. Lonial briefly summarizes one of the key educational messages delivered at the 2017 American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.
FAQ Library published on December 13, 2017
Join Dr. Usmani as he discusses when to consider a second autologous stem cell transplant for your multiple myeloma patient.
FAQ Library published on November 8, 2017
In this activity, Dr. Usmani discusses factors to consider when deciding whether to use a patient's previous regimen as salvage treatment.
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